Where I’ve Been

Where I’ve Been

So, I’m back.

Is it just me or is this awkward?

Among all of the writing, photography and promises to myself, I’ve not posted in more than two months. Argh! How did this happen? I used to be such a dedicated blogger. Since I started up this new site, I’ve felt an overwhelming pressure to have everything just right, and my writing is far from perfect.

As well as being tremendously busy, this has left me a little blocked. (Creatively, I mean.)

Finally, now, I’ve settled down into a nice new routine and Ethics and Aesthetics is back in business. One last time (third time lucky, eh?) I’ve gone for a new look. I like to think this is a bit classier; a bit more relaxed. Less teenage-girl-blogging-from-her-bedroom (I am almost twenty-three, after all) and a little more working-woman (eek). 

You’re probably not in the slight bit interested in where I’ve been (unfortunately, I’ve not been wandering down the bare-foot path to low-impact living), but I’m going to tell you anyway; I don’t feel like I can disappear from the internet for two months and not even mention it.

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The first thing that halted me was a job hunt. I came to quite a sudden realisation (unoriginal, I know) that I needed a new job. I’d been working in pubs for four years and, though I absolutely adored it, I didn’t feel as though it fit me anymore. Not that I’d outgrown it, per se, just changed. I like to think for the better, but who knows?

Anyway, like most things, I went into my job hunt full-force. I had quite a bit of experience in marketing (research for this blog, my work with Mage Plays and at uni) and, although a mighty change, I gave it a shot.

By the time I’d secured myself a job I was a mere six weeks away from exam-time and had a very stereotypical typical oh shit, I’d better catch up on the curriculum then, moment. There was only one problem. Over said six weeks, we had four trips away booked. Thankfully they were all in the UK so jet lag wasn’t an issue, but legging up and down the country with my books in tow proved, well, about as difficult as it sounds.

First was the Edinburgh Fringe – I’d booked to go with my family over a year before, and this was my one exception to my study schedule. I left my books behind and we had the best time. I want to write about every second of it, but this blog post would literally never end.

Twelve hours after we got back to Sheffield we jumped straight into Harris (…our car), and made the trip down to Grantham to visit Joe’s mum and dad. Whilst we were there, we took a day trip to Greenbelt Festival where we basked in the Tiny Tea Tent, listened to music, saw a very questionable stand-up comedian and acquired possibly the comfiest pair of trousers known to man. 

We retreated to our flat for a well-deserved day of rest, before working for two days, then, believe it or not, we were off again.

This time we were off to Aberystwyth, Wales for Joe’s cousin’s wedding. (Nope, I’m not kidding, this is actually how I spent my time in the lead up to my second-year exams.)

Somehow, in my scratched-up 995cc Yaris, I managed to haul four people (plus luggage) four hours down the motorway and, wait for it, up a mile-long dirt track through Welsh country woodlands.

And back again.

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We managed two weeks of normality (well, working and panic-studying) before Joe and I took a luxury cabin break in Stratford for our anniversary. We had a day exploring the town, but besides that relaxed in our tiny cabin, drinking prosecco and getting frustrated over flashcards.

The following week were my exams (what studying?) and after that set construction began for Mage Plays’ next show, Margherita.

Margherita came to its wonderful conclusion last weekend, and for some unknown reason I volunteered myself to help out backstage at another play this weekend just gone. I’ve barely eaten or slept but, hey, theatre. 

I mean, it was great. I had a great time. It’s all just been a bit mad. I don’t know what I was thinking but (wait for it) I landed a new job, did great in my exams, both shows went off without a hitch and I had a great summer. We’ve started making real changes to the way we live, making healthier choices for ourselves and our planet. Using refill stores, making food from scratch and finding a second use for just about anything.

As for Ethics and Aesthetics, you can look forward to less posts about beauty and makeup, and more posts about eco-friendly and zero-waste living. Less striving for perfection, more homespun and minimalist ideas.

I am… really excited to start writing about our new way of life.

I’ve even started making bread.

K x

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