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Vegan Makeup Product Reviews & Recommendations

Vegan makeup used to be the absolute light of my life – it still is, but I save my makeup collection for special occasions now. I used to be a full-face-every-day kind of person, but I’ve softened up in my old age (read: freaking out about turning 25 this year). Thanks to my not-wearing foundation every day, my skin is better and I feel fresher – check out my recommendations and reviews of vegan skincare here.

Makeup is still something that brings me joy, especially when it’s vegan. There’s nothing more satisfying than discovering a new vegan makeup product, especially a dupe for a popular non-vegan item. Some of my favourite vegan makeup posts are:

Vegan Makeup Coming Soon…

I can’t wait to post more about my makeup collection in the future – I have a long list of eyeshadows, mascaras, blushers and contours I can’t wait to tell you about! I also have some great summer content planned, including a travel makeup bag, and finding makeup that will protect you from UV rays.

If you’re looking for other beauty products, take a look at my reviews and recommendations for Haircare here.

What are your favourite vegan makeup products?

If you have a vegan makeup routine or beauty recommendation, head over to my Vegan Beauty Reviews page to let me know!