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Vegan Beauty Products

There are two main things that make a beauty product vegan:

  • It hasn’t been tested on animals
  • It doesn’t contain any animal-derived ingredients

This doesn’t sound like a big ask, but it’s astonishing how many animal-testing companies will call a range “vegan”. Technically, they don’t contain any animal derived ingredients, but veganism is more than just a diet.

I will sometimes use products from CF brands that are owned by testing parent companies, because I think it’s important to show them that there’s value in being cruelty free. I will always state if this is the case. Everything that is reviewed on Ethics & Aesthetics is vegan (unless clearly stated otherwise – I sometimes make exceptions for ethically sourced honey, for example).

If you’re looking for 100% vegan brands, see my favourites here:

Vegan Makeup Reviews & Recommendations

I try to keep the range of vegan product reviews I do varied, in terms of audience, category and price range. Again, I’m always up for suggestions and recommendations for vegan products to try myself.

You can find a full post of all my vegan makeup recommendations here!

This includes individual reviews of vegan makeup products, including thoughts on the brands’ ethics and range of vegan options. It also includes broader lists of my all-time favourite products if you’re on the hunt for a new vegan dupe, such as:

Vegan Skincare Reviews & Recommendations

Click here for the master post of all my vegan skincare reviews & recommendations!

My vegan skincare reviews include things like fake tan, vegan haircare and vegan deodorant, even though they don’t strictly fall under this category. I haven’t written enough about them to separate them out yet, but that might happen in the future! Again, I do individual reviews as well as broader posts which are great if you’re looking to switch out an old, non-vegan product.

If you like to check your own ingredients or you’re not vegan, click here for the cruelty free master page. If you’re vegetarian, do keep an eye on your ingredients as some contain carmine or collagen from animal or fish sources. (Click on the words to find out why those ingredients aren’t vegan or vegetarian).

Ethics & Aesthetics also has a Zero Waste Series, which focuses on the environmental impact of cosmetics – find it here!

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