Are Tesco Cosmetics Cruelty Free? 2021 Update!

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For anyone reading this outside of the UK: Tesco is the UK’s largest supermarket chain, and the ninth-largest retailer in the world. It doesn’t really need much more of an introduction than that, does it? I’ve been looking for a long time to find out if Tesco’s beauty products were cruelty free.

This post is about Tesco’s cruelty free status, specifically regarding their cosmetics. For me, animal testing for medicinal and food safety purposes is a whole different discussion to animal testing for cosmetics purposes, and therefore any animal testing that may be conducted by Tesco for medicinal or food safety purposes is not taken to account in this post.

I was actually completely unsure of Tesco’s cruelty free status for a long time. I did a deep-dive search for my post of which brands are cruelty free at Tesco last year, which came up with absolutely nothing. It wasn’t until an amazing reader of this blog got in touch and pointed me in the direction of Tesco’s animal welfare policy.

Are Tesco Cosmetics Cruelty Free?

Yes, I believe that Tesco-owned cosmetics brands are cruelty free.

Woah, it feels good to finally have an answer to that question!

Tesco’s Animal Welfare Statement covers a lot of controversial topics, including farming animals and antibiotics. It also confirms Tesco’s cruelty free status, although they aren’t certified by a cruelty free body (like Sainsbury’s!).

Tesco states:

We do not commission or carry out testing on animals for pharmaceutical, cosmetic or household products. Where animal testing is required by law for food safety purposes, we require that these are carried out in line with applicable regulation.

Because they also don’t sell their products in China, where animal testing is required by law, this means none of their cosmetic products are tested on animals. The reference to animal testing for food safety purposes is a conversation to be had, for sure, but is often required by law in the development of new foodstuffs in order to keep customers safe.

Are Tesco Cosmetics Vegan?

This is an incredibly hard question to answer! Although some products on Tesco’s website do contain a ‘vegan’ label, it is unreliable and only pops up every so often. It’s also extremely difficult to tell whether or not a cosmetics product is vegan just from the ingredients label, because many ingredients can come from either synthetic or animal sources, and there is no way to tell.

I’d love to see Tesco releasing more information about the ingredients in their own-brand beauty products soon!

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