Sukin’s Cruelty Free and Vegan Status in 2021

Sukin skincare cruelty free and vegan status banner

Sukin is a cruelty free and vegan skincare and haircare brand started in Australia in 2007. They are now a popular brand in the UK, known for their natural formulas. Sukin say no to synthetic chemicals, animal products and “bells and whistles for the sake of them”. They have incredibly long “no” list of ingredients they refuse to put into their products which you can find here.

Sukin are a great low-cost option if you’re looking for cruelty free, vegan and environmentally friendly beauty products. Even better, they are widely available in the UK. Sukin are sold in-store in Boots and Holland and Barretts, and online at Look Fantastic, Feel Unique and Only Naturals.

“Everything we need to nourish our bodies can be found in nature. So at Sukin, that’s what we use.”

Are Sukin Cruelty Free?

Yes, Sukin are a completely cruelty free brand. Sukin are certified cruelty free by the top Australian regulator, Choose Cruelty Free, as well as Cruelty Free International.

“Sukin is a certified 100% cruelty free company, committed to creating products that are free from animal testing, animal derivatives, and animal by-products.”

“We will never consider selling in physical stores in China until they change their policies around animal testing.”

You can read more about Choose Cruelty Free and Cruelty Free International here.

Are Sukin Cosmetics Vegan?

Yes, all Sukin products are cruelty free and 100% vegan. Sukin don’t include any animal derived ingredients in their skincare and haircare products.

“As a 100% vegan brand, we refrain from use of animal derivatives such as lanolin as well as animal by-products like honey and bees wax.”

Are Sukin a Sustainable Brand?

Sukin are a certified carbon neutral company, which means they pay to offset all of their carbon emissions. They have also donated to several projects to increase the use of sustainable energy. As well as this, the fact that they only use vegan ingredients and have a ‘no’ list contributes to their sustainability as a brand. Sukin also have a partnership with Greening Australia on their Reef Aid Program. This program aims to stop sediment at its source and improve water quality, improving the health of the Great Barrier Reef.

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