Is St Tropez a Cruelty Free Brand?

St Tropez Cruelty Free Banner

St Tropez are one of the most popular fake tanning brands around, and have definitely been a favourite cruelty free fake tan brand of mine for a while. On their website, they proudly state that one St.Tropez tanning product is sold every fifteen seconds, and one St.Tropez spray tan is performed every minute.

Are St Tropez Cruelty Free?

St Tropez are cruelty free. They don’t conduct any animal testing, do not allow other companies to test on animals on their behalf, and they do not sell their products in China, where animal testing is mandatory. St Tropez have their cruelty free status on their website:

“We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor do we ask anyone to test them on animals on our behalf. The only testing we do is with a panel of volunteers in clinical tests and user trials to assess the safety of our finished products.”

St Tropez are not an independent brand; they are owned by parent company PZ Cussons. PZ Cussons did not used to be cruelty free, however some recent research has shown they may have made a U-turn in this area. I can’t be 100% sure, but Peta certifies PZ Cussons as cruelty free (which shows a little, rather than a lot). Their statement online does not specifically address the issue in China, but they do own other cruelty free brands, such as Original Source and Sanctuary Spa.

If you avoid brands with animal testing parent companies, I’d suggest purchasing from St Tropez with caution.

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Do St Tropez have Vegan Products?

St Tropez recently removed the vegan list from their website. This may be because it was out of date – the last time I saw it, it only featured around half of their actual vegan range which has grown a lot recently. Every vegan cruelty free product by St Tropez has a handy logo on their webpage – hopefully this will be appearing on their bottles soon too!

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Are St Tropez a Sustainable Brand?

Although St Tropez don’t have anything about sustainability on their own website, their parent company, PZ Cussons, have a little more to say. As well as claiming to be 100% cruelty free, they also have a page on how their brands are reducing plastic waste, and how they are sourcing sustainable palm oil.

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