Sleek Makeup: Is it Cruelty Free and Vegan?

Is Sleek Makeup Cruelty Free & Vegan Banner?

Is Sleek Makeup Cruelty Free?

Sleek Makeup is a completely cruelty free brand. They’re very transparent on their website (which always pleases me); here’s what they have to say:

“We do not conduct animal testing on products, or on ingredients used in these products.” 

“We do not commission animal testing on these products or on ingredients used in these products.”

“Sleek Makeup has a legal obligation to ensure that its products are safe; we therefore endeavour to carry out a safety assessment on every single product prior to placing them on the market.

“We do not sell our products directly in China (this would require animal testing) and we do not plan to until China changes its laws on animal testing.”

Usually when I do this type of post, I email the company directly to make sure they can answer all four of my cruelty-free questions, but this time I didn’t have to! 

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Is Sleek’s Parent Company Cruelty Free?

Bluntly, no. Sleek are owned by the Walgreens-Boots Alliance, which is a parent company that DOES have a background in animal testing (as confirmed by Peta).

Although I do tend to avoid buying from big conglomerates (that’s not to say I don’t ever shop at Boots!), I make an exception in this case. Where a definitely cruelty free brand is owned by a non cruelty free parent company, I will generally still class the subsidiary brand as cruelty free. I know not everybody agrees, and I go further into detail about why in my blog post below. In general, I think it’s more about being mindful of what you do with your buying power and knowing the impact of how you spend your money than it is following a very strict set of rules. For this, I don’t think there’s a right answer that’s cruelty free or not.

Why I still buy from cruelty free brands that are owned by animal testing parent companies.

Are Any Sleek Products Vegan?

On their website, Sleek say:

“We unfortunatly cannot claim to conform to Vegan Society rules and therefore cannot officially state that our products are suitable for Vegans.”

(The typo was theirs, not mine!)

Although it sucks that they can’t say for sure whether any of their products are vegan, I do love it when brands are completely honest and transparent.

I’ve done a fair bit of Googling, and I’ve found some older blog posts that have a list of vegan products by Sleek. Because they’ve obviously since retracted their ‘vegan list’, I’d be wary of using it and stick to other, definitely-vegan brands.

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