Is Medik8 a Cruelty Free Brand?

Medik8 UK cruelty free skincare banner

Medik8 is a high-end cruelty free skincare brand based in the UK. Much of their vegan and eco-friendly skincare is based on their CSA Philosophy. This is based on the simple idea of using Vitamin C and Sunscreen during the day (the “C” and the “S”) and using Vitamin A (the “A”) at night (vitamin As include retinol and similar formulations).

“If you look after your skin and follow our simple advice, we believe you can look 40 when you’re 50.”

Medik8 is generally difficult to find on the high street. They market themselves as a professional brand, appearing in salons and spas across the UK.

Medik8 is featured in my vegan & cruelty free skincare routine!

Read on to find out about Medik8’s cruelty free status.

Is Medik8 Skincare Cruelty Free?

Yes, Medik8 skincare is a cruelty free brand. Although they don’t have any official accreditations, Medik8 assure us that they’re cruelty free with a long and thorough cruelty free statement on their website. Medik8 states:

“We do not test on animals. We will not ask any other company to test on our behalf. We take the matter of checking our supplier compliance very seriously as an integral part of our product development process.”

Medik8 do not sell their products in-store in Mainland China or any other territories where animal testing is required by law.

Is Medik8 Skincare a Vegan Brand?

Medik8 has two conflicting statements about their vegan products online. One statement claims that most of their products are vegan friendly, whereas another post claims that all of their products are vegan friendly. I would imagine this is because the former webpage is a little out of date, but always check before you buy!

Each of Medik8’s products are listed with a number of ingredient flags, one of which is ‘suitable for vegans’. You can therefore see which of their products are vegan by individually visiting each products’ page on their website.

Is Medik8 Skincare a Sustainable Brand?

Medik8 are not perfect, but they are making some impressive strides towards becoming more eco-friendly. Since September 2019, every professional Medik8 product in a plastic bottle has been made from 100% recycled materials. Of course, they’re recyclable too! Medik8 are currently in the process of taking this one step further, to put their 100% cruelty free skincare products into Ocean Plastic derived materials.

Medik8 also have ongoing initiatives to do with recycling ribbons, cutting out plastic and moving towards 0% palm oil, which you can read all about on the Medik8 sustainability page.

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