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Revolution Beauty’s Cruelty Free & Vegan Status

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Best known for their brand Makeup Revolution, Revolution Beauty has a dauntingly large cruelty free and vegan range, which includes Makeup Revolution, Revolution Pro, I ♥ Revolution, Revolution Skincare and Makeup Obsession. That was a mouthful and a half. (Well, it would have been if I was talking out loud…). Each of these brands has their own niche, and can be explored on the Revolution Beauty website.

Is Revolution Beauty Cruelty Free?

In short: yes, Revolution Beauty Brands are all cruelty free!

Revolution Beauty state on their website that they are Peta-certified cruelty free, but as we know from the whole Dove fiasco, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are totally and truly cruelty free. I emailed them for clarification about their policy towards selling in China and received a prompt response:

None of our finish products or raw materials used in our products are tested on animals nor do we request third party companies to test on our behalf. We do not sell directly in china, only via our online website exporting from the UK.


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Do Revolution Beauty Have Vegan Products?

Revolution Beauty state on their website: “Our product range is also 76% vegan, and growing“. I don’t know if I was having an off day, but it didn’t seem immediately clear to me which of their products were vegan. I did some fair searching before I noticed there’s an option to ‘view all vegan makeup’ in their dropdown menu (and the same exists for skincare).

It was after this that I noticed the giant green ‘V’ in the corner of loads of their products.

(Thinking about it, I was definitely having an off day.)

Are Revolution Beauty a Sustainable Brand?

I don’t know if this falls under ‘sustainable’, necessarily, but Revolution Beauty do have some pretty progressive ideas when it comes to diversity and inclusion. (Although, I did have to laugh when I read this and was immediately confronted with a picture of two white men. Okay, I’m kidding! Mostly.) They seem to be putting in effort in including a wide range of shades, but I don’t know if they quite go dark enough to cover the whole spectrum. (If anybody with dark skin has tried their foundations, I’d love to know.)

In terms of eco-friendliness, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of progress made. Yet!

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