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Lee Stafford Cruelty Free Status 2020

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Lee Stafford is a well-known, award-winning cruelty free brand. Lee Stafford is a prominent hairdresser in the UK, and won the Most Influential Hairdresser of the Year award in 2002. His eponymous haircare brand launched in 2001, and his products were a household staple to me as a teenager and beyond, due to their great quality and low prices. And don’t we all remember Celebrity Scissorhands?! Although I imagine it’s extortionate these days, you can still have your hair cut by Lee Stafford himself, and his education programme is available in colleges across the UK.

I loved that I was able to help others feel more confident by creating tailored styles designed specifically to enhance their features and personality.

In the UK, Lee Stafford’s cruelty free haircare range is still exclusively available in Boots or online. It is also sold in various outlets in over 30 countries across the world!

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Is Lee Stafford Cruelty Free?

Yes, Lee Stafford is a cruelty free brand. Although they aren’t accredited by a cruelty free body, the information available on their website confirms their cruelty free status. They quote Peta’s cruelty free statement about animal testing in the EU, and then state:

“There are no grey areas here as it is simply illegal to sell any product or raw material that has been tested on animals. We also commit to not retailing in countries that have the requirement to test on animals.”

The commitment to not sell in countries that require animal testing is key here. This means that Lee Stafford do not sell their products in China, where animal testing is required by law on many cometic products.

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Are Lee Stafford Products Vegan?

All Lee Stafford products are suitable for vegetarians, but not all of them are vegan friendly. They say on their website that they’re in the process of labelling which of their products are vegan. As we know, this can take a while to actually show up in-store! In the meantime, you can see the full list of vegan Lee Stafford products on website here.

Are Lee Stafford a Sustainable Brand?

Lee Stafford have made sure everything the produce is recyclable, including the pink bubbles that they use to deliver from their online shop (they can be recycled at Tesco along with your other plastic bags). Other than that, and that all of their products are vegetarian, sadly Lee Stafford haven’t made any big moves towards becoming a more sustainable brand.

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