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Is John Frieda Cruelty Free? 2021 Update!

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John Frieda is a well-known haircare brand in the UK, but are John Frieda products cruelty free?

John Frieda is a popular haircare brand that started in a London salon in the 1980s. They sell a range of products known for targeting specific problems, such as coloured or frizzy hair. They generally have a good reputation in the UK for being a good yet affordable haircare brand.

Unfortunately, John Frieda are still an animal testing company, as I update this post in May 2021.

Is John Frieda a Cruelty Free Brand?

No, John Frieda is not a cruelty free brand, despite what they claim on their website:

“In our never-ending quest to get our transformative formulas just right, we test our formulas rigorously, but we absolutely do not test on animals.

They also state, regarding their cruelty free status:

“Occasionally, laws and regulations require testing of materials outside of the cosmetics category.”

Although they don’t say it out-right, this likely refers to the fact that John Frieda still sell their products in-store in Mainland China, where animal testing is required by law. This means that John Frieda allow their haircare products to be tested on animals in order to access this market.

(If you’re new here, click here to read more about why we don’t class brands that sell in-stores in Mainland China as cruelty free).

Any brand can call themselves cruelty free, and in fact any brand can claim to not test on animals. That often doesn’t mean it’s true. In addition, even if John Frieda aren’t conducting the animal testing themselves, they are still allowing their products to be tested in return for access to the lucrative Chinese market.

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Are John Frieda Products Vegan?

Veganism goes a little deeper than just ingredients. Veganism is a lifestyle, and a product can’t be truly vegan if it isn’t cruelty free. John Frieda don’t have any labelled ‘vegan’ products yet, but these false claims are becoming ever more common from animal-testing beauty and haircare brands.

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Are John Frieda a Sustainable Brand?

Sometimes, it feels a little redundant writing this section for non-cruelty free brands. Partly because I wouldn’t buy from them anyway, but partly because I find they’re the least likely brands to be making any strides towards sustainability. John Frieda have a section on their website dedicated to sustainability. They claim they want to use 50% recycled plastic by 2025, and are testing a low-plastic shampoo & conditioner package. Any strides towards sustainability are great, but I will not buy John Frieda haircare or hair styling products until they are totally and completely cruelty free.

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