Is Essie Nail Polish & Nail Care Cruelty Free?

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Essie is one of the most popular nail care and nail polish brands around, but do they test on animals? Essie was founded in 1981 in the United States, but has since taken the world by storm. You can find out here if they’re cruelty free, and if so, whether any of their products are vegan.

Is Essie Cruelty Free?

No, Essie is not a cruelty free brand. Essie products are sold in mainland China, where animal testing is required by law. Click here to find out more about cruelty free certifications and China’s animal testing laws.

Essie state on their website:

essie and L’Oreal are totally committed to animal-free beauty. If you’d like to learn more about the work in the area of alternative methods to animal testing, please click here.

When you follow the link, you find a page about L’Oréals CSR, but nothing that mentions animal testing. I mean, we already knew that L’Oréal’s cruelty free policy was made of absolutely nothing but for them to outright show us is something else entirely…

I don’t need to tell anyone that L’Oréal are high up on the list of animal testers in the industry, so even if Essie was a cruelty free brand they’d still be owned by a parent company that isn’t cruelty free.

It’s probably about time I did a post dedicated to cruelty free nails – keep your eyes peeled for that – but instead:

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Are Essie Nail Products Vegan?

There’s nothing on Essie’s website that points towards any of their products being vegan or free from animal derived ingredients. Even if they were, I still wouldn’t class them as vegan products as they would have been tested on animals anyway – I don’t believe that a product can be vegan without being cruelty free first! I swear by Barry M for cruelty free and vegan nail polish.

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Are Essie a Sustainable Brand?

Similarly to the above, Essie doesn’t have anything on their website about sustainability or the environment. (I must admit, it is really difficult for nail varnishes to be long-lasting with natural ingredients.)

All in all, I’d recommend steering well clear of this brand!

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