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Is Beautonomy a Cruelty Free Brand in 2021?

Beautonomy cruelty free and vegan status banner

Beautonomy is a fairly new UK-based brand that sells cruelty free and (sometimes) vegan eyeshadow palettes. They featured in my recent post about zero waste eyeshadow because Beautonomy eyeshadow palettes are totally customisable. They sell a range of pre-filled palettes, but also give you the option to create your own totally unique magnetic palette. It’s also really easy to spot that all Beautonomy eyeshadows are cruelty free, and which ones are vegan and paraben-free on their website.

Their eyeshadow refills are super affordable, starting at just £3 each. Zero waste, cruelty free and vegan eyeshadow has never seemed so easy, all in one place and made right here in the UK.

“It’s simple! Pick from over 50 shades of our perfectly formulated high pigment, creamy eyeshadows. Once you’ve got your perfect colour story, then get creative by designing your own packaging and naming your shades.”

Is Beautonomy Cruelty Free?

Yes, Beautonomy is a cruelty free brand. Although Beautonomy are yet to receive any official cruelty free certifications, all of their products are manufactured in the UK where animal testing is illegal and they don’t sell their products in-store anywhere yet. Therefore, although their online cruelty free statement is vague, we can be sure that they are cruelty free.

“We believe that no being should suffer for the sake of beauty, that’s why we’re proud to say that none of our products are tested on animals.”

Are Beautonomy Eyeshadows Vegan?

Not all of Beautonomy’s eyeshadows are vegan, but there are plenty of vegan options to choose from. Unfortunately you can’t specifically search for vegan formulas yet, but their vegan eyeshadows are clearly labelled.

Are Beautonomy a Sustainable Brand?

Because Beautonomy are such a new brand, it’s difficult to take a deep dive into their practises behind-the-scenes. However, their custom makeup palettes are inherently sustainable, allowing customers to only purchase what they need. There’s no excess plastic or wasting money on shades you just won’t use. You can pick exactly what you want and use it with very minimal packaging!

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