Is Evolve Organic Beauty Really Cruelty Free?

Evolve Organic Beauty Cruelty Free

Evolve Organic Beauty is a cruelty free and vegan makeup brand that was founded by Laura Rudoe in 2009. Laura still owns Evolve, is involved in the creation of every Evolve product and even takes an active role on their Instagram page, doing regular live events throughout lockdown.

Evolve Beauty products are handmade in small batches in Hertfordshire, England, ensuring the freshness of their natural ingredients. They say on their website:

“Society is coming full circle and realising that choosing natural ingredients is better for us and our world.”

Evolve are all about high-quality, organic, natural ingredients and sustainability throughout the creation and distribution of their products.

Is Evolve Cruelty Free?

Although Evolve Beauty are now over ten years old, they still aren’t certified cruelty free by any organisation. Although a brand doesn’t need a certification to be classed as cruelty free, it does make things easier. Evolve use primarily organic ingredients and they are manufactured in their own studio, so we can almost take for a certain that there is no animal testing going on there. (Animal testing for cosmetics in the UK has been banned since 1998).

Evolve also don’t sell their products in-store in China (although they do deliver online to many countries across the world). This means that Evolve Organic Beauty products aren’t subjected to post-market animal testing policies.

Therefore, yes, I would class Evolve Beauty as cruelty free.

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Are Evolve Products Vegan?

Evolve simply state on their website:

“Our products are vegan, cruelty free and eco-friendly.”

All of Evolve’s products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, which is great because you never have to check ingredients whilst shopping for them.

Are Evolve a Sustainable Brand?

Evolve do a great deal towards sustainability with their brand. Much of their packaging is glass, and all of their cardboard is recycled. Currently, 75-100% of their PET plastic containers is also recycled. Even their labels and packaging are printed using non-toxic soy and vegetable-based inks. On their Instagram page, they often share tips and tricks for reusing your packaging, to make sure you can get the most out of it before it goes to waste.

Evolve also recently moved their production into a new ‘Eco-studio’.

“In July 2019 we moved into a new Eco Studio which we created to be eco friendly and sustainable with 100% wind power and low energy lighting.”

If you’re looking for high-end eco-friendly skincare, I think this is the brand for you.

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