Is Elemis Skincare Cruelty Free?

Is Elemis cruelty free and vegan banner

Is Elemis cruelty free?

Elemis is one of the leading British luxury skincare brands, featured in spas across the country. They are known for their luxurious, indulgent skincare with award winning formulas and clinically proven results. They’re all about promoting long-term skin health, rather than short-term quick fixes. Elemis are what I would class as a high-end beauty brand – their products are expensive, but you get what you pay for.

Elemis say:

“Our products work to protect your skin’s unique microflora and fight off daily aggressors, whilst promoting a healthy acid mantle. Following your virtual or instore skin consultation, your personalised ELEMIS Skin Wellness Plan will be tailored to maximise the health of your skin.”

Is Elemis a Cruelty Free Skincare Brand?

I have to be completely honest here – until I came to research this blog post, I thought Elemis was a cruelty free brand. I’ve purchased from them and even wrote a review of their vegan superfood skincare range (which I’ve obviously since taken down!). Now, I know we all make mistakes, but this is one I’m feeling pretty embarrassed about.

Elemis are owned by L’Occitane, a non-cruelty free parent company, and I thought that was why some places listed them as not cruelty free.

However, Elemis have a long explanation on their website stating that they sell their products in China. To their credit, they are very transparent and give a detailed description of exactly how, when and why their products are tested on animals. (I’m not saying this is okay, but it’s nice not to see a brand in the same position blindly claiming to be cruelty free).

At the end of their statement, Elemis say:

“We are deeply committed to ending animal testing for beauty products globally and we support collaborative industry-wide efforts to achieve this goal.”

Elemis provide funding (although they don’t state how much) to  the Institute for In Vitro Sciences, which has an active programme in China committed to promoting the use of non-animal testing methods.

Although this is great, I still think true cruelty free brands should not sell their products in-store in mainland China as a stand against their policies.

Therefore, Elemis is NOT a cruelty free brand.

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Are Elemis Products Vegan?

Although Elemis do have a range of products with no animal derived ingredients, they can’t be truly classed as vegan when they’ve been tested on animals. I won’t consider any Elemis products vegan until they end their animal testing practises across the board.

Are Elemis a Sustainable Brand?

Elemis have recently stopped the sale of spatulas in some of their products, which they estimate will save approximately 1.7 tonnes of plastic every year. (Man, that’s a lot of spatulas!) Although they have a paragraph about their ‘approach to sustainability’, no other concrete initiatives are mentioned.

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