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Cruelty Free Haircare Brands in the UK 2021

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Cruelty Free Haircare

I still think that, of all beauty categories, finding cruelty free haircare brands in the UK is the most difficult. Most of the biggest brands sold in the UK still test on animals. Even in big supermarkets, I struggle to find a good range of cruelty free haircare.Here, I have started to create the ultimate list of cruelty free haircare brands. I will keep updating this post as I go along, so if your favourite brand isn’t on this list, let me know and I’ll do some digging to find out if they’re cruelty free! If you’re shopping in a particular store, see my other cruelty free brand lists:Cruelty free brands at SuperdrugCruelty free brands at Sainsbury’sCruelty free brands at Tesco(Cruelty free brands at Boots is coming soon!)This list is alphabetised, to make searching easier if you’re looking for a specific brand, and I have included the brands’ cruelty free and vegan certifications. Where a cruelty free brand is owned by a non-cruelty free parent company, I have mentioned this and marked it with an asterisk.

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Cruelty Free Hair Brands in the UK

Amika Haircare (Certified by Cruelty Free International)

AS I AM Haircare (Certified by Peta)

Aunt Jackie’s

Aveda (Certified by Peta & 100% vegan, but owned by Estée Lauder*)

Bleach London Hair Dye

Childs Farm (Certified by Cruelty Free International)

Colour Freedom Hair Dye (100% vegan!)

DevaCurl Haircare (Owned by Henkel*)

Faith in Nature (Certified by Cruelty Free International and 100% vegan)

Fudge Urban Hair Styling (Owned by PZ Cussons*)

Function of Beauty Premium Haircare (Certified cruelty free and vegan by Peta)

Garnier Haircare (Certified by Cruelty Free International)

Giovanni Haircare

Hask Haircare (Certified by Cruelty Free International)

KeraCare (Certified by Peta)

Kevin Murphy Haircare (Certified by Peta)

Knight & Wilson (100% vegan!)

Little Soap Company Zero-waste Haircare (Certified by Cruelty Free International and 100% vegan!)

Man Cave Men’s Haircare (Certified by Cruelty Free International and all vegan except for their Conditioning Style Cream)


My Hair Matters Budget Haircare (A Sainsbury’s brand, Certified by Cruelty Free International)

Natural World Natural Haircare (100% vegan!)

Noughty Natural Haircare (Certified by Cruelty Free International and 100% vegan!)

Oribe (Certified by Peta but owned by KAO*)

Pacifica Premium Haircare (100% vegan)

Phil Smith (Certified by Cruelty Free International)

Pro:Voke for Coloured Hair

Pureology (certified by Peta, 100% vegan but owned by L’Oreal*)

Roots (Certified by Cruelty Free International)

Sainsbury’s Budget Haircare (Certified by Cruelty Free International)

Shea Moisture (certified by Peta but owned by Unilever*)

Smith England (Certified by Cruelty Free International)