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Is Conscious Skincare a Cruelty Free Brand in 2021?

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Conscious Skincare is a cruelty free skincare brand based in the UK. Conscious Skincare are all about high-quality, organic skincare in eco-friendly packaging. They are a mid-range brand – their cruelty free skincare products aren’t the cheapest, but they aren’t extortionate either.

Conscious Skincare offer a range of products for your face and body, containing high a ‘majority’ of organic ingredients (although they don’t give a percentage!). The Environmental Working Group (EWG) in the USA give them extremely high ratings. Their products are all sold in recyclable glass or aluminium, and you can choose to order your products in bulk or without pumps to save on waste even further.

“At Conscious Skincare our philosophy is to make natural and organic skin care with a clean conscience.”

Read on to find out about Conscious Skincare’s cruelty free status.

Is Conscious Skincare Cruelty Free?

Yes, Conscious Skincare is certified cruelty free by Cruelty Free International. This is one of the most difficult accreditations in the industry to achieve, and about the most certain we can be that a brand is truly cruelty free. They have to undergo independent audits by Cruelty Free International.

In addition, Conscious Skincare is still owned by it’s founder, Rebecca, and therefore isn’t owned by an animal testing parent company.

Is Conscious Skincare a Vegan Brand?

Many of Conscious Skincare’s products are vegan. If you just want to browse their website, it’s quite difficult to see what’s vegan and what isn’t at a glance. For each individual product, you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the ‘suitable for vegans’ label (or not). Luckily for vegetarians, all of their products are approved by the vegetarian society!

Is Conscious Skincare a Sustainable Brand?

I would class Conscious Skincare as a sustainable brand. As well as their amazing recyclable packaging I mentioned above, they have some amazing accreditations. Conscious Skincare have won a plethora of awards both for their sustainability and their products’ efficacy. Their founder, Rebecca, is also an advocate, speaking on the radio and writing blog posts about animal welfare.

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