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Childs Farm: Are They Cruelty Free? Vegan?


Childs Farm are a haircare and skincare brand for children and babies, including newborns. They’re also well-loved by adults with sensitive skin, eczema, or who just don’t want to use harsh chemicals on themselves.

Is Childs Farm Cruelty Free?

Yes! Childs Farm have certified cruelty free by Cruelty Free International since July 2018. Because this was fairly recent, their bottles might not contain the Leaping Bunny logo for a while yet, but you can rest assured that they are definitely a cruelty-free brand.

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Do Childs Farm Have Vegan Products?

Almost all of Childs Farm products are vegan, with two exceptions: their strawberry and mint hair conditioner and hair detangler, which both contain honey. They don’t use any dairy products whatsoever. Most of their products are registered with the Vegan Society.

This means they are an ideal place to look for cruelty-free, vegan and naturally produced suncreams during the summer, as they go right up to SPF 50.

They also sell registered vegan baby oil and nappy cream, which (although I don’t have kids yet) it seems are notoriously difficult to find. Their nappy cream is also listed as ‘cloth safe’ by the UK Cloth Nappy Library Network. 

Their vegan baby wipes are dermatologist and paediatrician approved as suitable for sensitive skin, and are suitable for newborns. They’re also biodegradable, which leads us nicely on to…

Are Childs Farm Eco Friendly?

They’re getting there. Being an almost entirely vegan brand automatically puts them one step ahead, what with animal-derived ingredients being so bad for the environment. In addition, they’re making small changes with their products, such as making their baby wipes biodegradable.

According to their website, their products are typically made up of 96% Soil Association permitted ingredients, which means less chemicals and nasties in your bottle.

Also on their website, Childs Farm state that they’re looking to increase the amount of recycled plastic they use, although they don’t specify how much or when by.