Is Bulldog Skincare Cruelty Free and Vegan in 2020?

Vegan and Cruelty Free Bulldog Men's Skincare Banner

Bulldog is the leading cruelty free and vegan skincare and shaving brand ‘for men’ amongst the vegan community. So what’s the deal – what is their cruelty free status?

“The idea for Bulldog was born in 2005 when founder, Simon Duffy, noticed that there were no straightforward skincare options that were made for him. Looking at the shelves, there were products he used, but no products he loved.”

I also love Bulldog because they are doing away with the idea that great skincare is just for women. Their products come in a range of scents for a range of skin types, and their lovely white packaging provides a welcome break from the wall-of-black that usually dominates men’s toiletries.

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Is Bulldog Cruelty Free?

Bulldog has been cruelty free since its conception in 2005, and they have since been accredited by Cruelty Free International. Here in the UK, that’s about as sure as we can be that a brand (but only the brand itself) really is Cruelty Free.

In 2016 Bulldog was acquired by Edgewell Personal Care Company, which is not certified cruelty free in any way and other brands they own may carry out animal testing. Cruelty Free International do not take this into account in their certification because they want to show larger corporations that cruelty free brands are sustainable and profitable. They say on their website:

“We see it as part of our mission to spread our message as widely as possible.”

Some people choose not to purchase from cruelty free brands if they have animal testing parent companies, and that’s okay too.

Why I still buy from cruelty free brands with animal testing parent companies.

Are Bulldog Products Vegan?

According to their website, all of Bulldog’s products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Are Bulldog a Sustainable Brand?

“Here at Bulldog we always try to do the right thing and we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment.”

Bulldog Skincare recently announced that their Original Moisturiser is now certified a carbon neutral product. This means that the carbon emissions made by this product are offset in accordance with the carbon neutral protocol. This includes the extraction and processing of materials and packaging, manufacturing and distribution of the product.

Bulldog are also the first men’s skincare brand in the world to use sugarcane as a raw material in their packaging. Sugarcane comes from a renewable source, which means no fossil fuels.

Bulldog Skincare have never used plastic microbeads, synthetic fragrances or artificial colours. They also have a whole page of guidance on how to recycle your Bulldog bottles, to give you the best chance of making sure they’re recycled. Pretty wholesome, if you ask me!

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