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Vegan Pamper Products on a Budget

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Affordable Vegan Products: Pamper Edition!

I thought that researching this list of affordable vegan pamper products I’d be digging for gold, but in fact I found it really difficult. I was looking for cruelty free and vegan face masks, hair masks and body scrubs on a budget. It turns out, in this area, affordable vegan products are hard to come by. I’ve listed some of the lowest prices I’ve found, which I hope are accessible for most people!

Cheap Vegan Face Masks

Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven

I have always thought that single-use face mask sachets were bad value for money. Having researched it, however, their price-per-100ml are actually really affordable. The brand I always think of when it comes to single-use face masks are Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven. I was super pleased to find out that their face masks are certified cruelty free by the Leaping Bunny Foundation. All of their masks are approved by the vegetarian society and most of them are vegan, besides a few that contain honey. Their vegan facemarks are handily labelled on their website.

Although they’re only 10ml (and therefore £10 per 100ml), if you’re like me and don’t use face masks often they’re probably still a good purchase. You can just buy what you need, rather than splashing out on a whole pot that ends up going to waste because it dries up or you realise you don’t like it (that’s me in a nutshell!).

They’re also regularly on offer at Boots and Superdrug.

Superdrug Face Masks

Similarly to above, Superdrug have their own range of single-use face masks. Again, they’re 99p but they’re a little bigger at 15ml. This works out at £6.66 per 100ml.

If you’re a regular face-masker and would rather go for a tub, Superdrug have a new face mask as part of their vitamin E range. It’s just £3.49 for 100ml, which is the absolute lowest price for a vegan and cruelty free face mask that I could find!

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Affordable Vegan Body Scrubs

Frank Body Scrub

Although not the cheapest kid on the block, I’ve included this for people who are looking for a little more luxury without breaking the bank. At Cult Beauty, you can get a modest 100ml of their original body scrub for £6.95. Frank Body Scrubs are cruelty free and vegan, and all based around coffee. They say: “Coffee can change your skin. Just like it wakes you up inside, it wakes you up on the outside, too. Caffeine helps to promote healthy, clear skin, whilst maintaining its PH balance.” Sounds good to me!

Sanctuary Spa Classic Body Scrub

One of my favourite things about Sanctuary Spa is that you can get them in Sainbury’s and Tesco. They’re so convenient to pick up whilst I’m doing a quick grocery shop! They’re also super affordable, cruelty free, and many of their products are vegan. This body scrub works out at just £3.25 per 100ml!

Superdrug We Heart Pink Grapefruit

As usual, Superdrug’s amazing own-brand range of beauty products is the cheapest on this list. All of Superdrug’s own brand products are cruelty free and vegan. Some of their ranges are even certified by Cruelty Free International. Their ‘We Heart Pink Grapefruit’ body scrub is a gentle exfoliator with an amazing scent. It’s just £4.99 a tub, which works out at £2.50 per 100ml.

Top Tip: If none of these take your fancy, try adding a handful of sugar, salt or leftover coffee grinds to your body wash for a DIY vegan scrub!

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Vegan Hair Mask on a Budget

For vegan and cruelty free hair masks, it looks like sachets is not the way to go. Lee Stafford (a brand I LOVE!) do a whole range of cute minis, but they are at a more premium price point. Also, beware: not all of them are vegan! Check out his website for their vegan ranges. Lee Stafford’s single use hair masks work out at £8.95 per 100ml.

There are a couple of other brands that do larger sachets for a lower price-per-100ml. That being said, if you assume that’s still just for one application, they quickly get pricey. For this product, it definitely looks like investing in a tub is the way to go.

Bleach London Reincarnation Mask

You guys know how much I love Bleach London, but I don’t think I’ve reviewed this hair mask of theirs yet! Most of Bleach London’s products are amazingly affordable, especially for the quality, and this vegan hair mask is no exception. You can leave it on for ten minutes or overnight – it’s up to you – and it leaves your hair smelling like you’ve just walked out of a salon! I also highly recommend their hair oil. Their Reincarnation Mask comes in at £6.99 for 200ml.

So…? Sorry Not Sorry Tame The Mane Hair Mask 

I cannot personally attest for this hair mask as I have only recently purchased it myself, but it comes in at the same price point as Bleach London – £7 for 200ml. I mostly love the unusual pot that this comes in, but it also has great reviews! This is my first time trying something from ‘So…?’ (other than masses of their sickly body sprays back when I was about twelve). Fingers crossed for my next pamper session!

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