Is BPerfect Cruelty Free? 2020 Cruelty Free Brands

BPerfect Cosmetics Cruelty Free?

BPerfect Cosmetics is a cruelty free brand that was started in Belfast, Ireland in 2013. They’re known for their brightly coloured and glittery makeup palettes and fake tan, sold across the UK in Superdrug and other independent stores. They also appeared on the UK TV show Dragons Den in 2017, where they secured investment from two Dragons! That’s probably what helped them storm straight into the UK market and straight onto the shelves of Superdrug.

Is BPerfect Cruelty Free?

Despite being a new brand in the UK, BPerfect are already certified cruelty free by Peta’s Beauty Without Bunnies program. Although we know this isn’t the most reliable cruelty free certification around, it is more secure combined with the knowledge that they don’t sell in-stores in Mainland China.

BPerfect Cosmetics don’t say anything about their cruelty free status online, other than displaying Peta’s cruelty free logo and a generic copy of the certification licence agreement with Peta that allows them to use the cruelty free bunny logo.

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Are BPerfect Products Vegan?

There is no information on the BPerfect website about their ingredients being suitable for vegans or vegetarians, and none of their products are listed as vegan on the Superdrug website. As they’re a new cruelty free brand, hopefully they’ll release some more information on their ingredients list and vegan or vegetarian products soon!

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Are BPerfect a Sustainable Brand?

Again, because they’re quite a new brand there’s nothing online about their sustainability practises. I even did a deep dive search on their social media pages, but there’s nothing there yet. It’d be great to see them selling something like a customisable palette with plastic-free refills, or using recycled plastic in their other packaging.

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