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Bleach London: Plex Bleach Kit Review

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Bleach London Vegan Haircare

Bleach London (and now Bleach London’s Plex Bleach Kit) are my go-to for cruelty free haircare and hair dye. Not only are they totally cruelty free and vegan, they’re also an incredibly sustainable brand, reducing the plastic in their packaging, providing refills at their salons in London and making bottles and packaging out of recycled materials. It is a small business owned by two hairdressers that have three salons in London. They focus on colouring rather than cutting.

Bleach London sell a range of hair products, including several bleach kits and an impressive range of colours. They also sell a lot of complimentary products, like coloured shampoo and conditioner, hair treatments and styling products. They used to have a range of vegan and cruelty free makeup available online and in Superdrug, but it looks like it has been discontinued. (This is such a shame, because they used to do low-plastic build-your-own palettes!)

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Olaplex vs. Plex Bleach Kit

I bleach my hair every summer, and this year I splashed out on a £28 bottle of Olaplex. I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford to have an Olaplex/bleach treatment in a salon, so I figured I’d treat my hair with Olaplex 3 before and after bleaching instead.

Although it was a great treatment, it felt like a mega waste of money after I discovered Bleach London’s Plex Bleach Kit. I bought this for £11 (I didn’t expect much from it, if I’m honest, but it was only £3 more than their regular bleach kit) and decided to give it a go.

Honestly, when I was washing Bleach London’s Plex Bleach out of my hair, I panicked. I thought something was really, really wrong. My hair wasn’t like straw – it actually felt silky soft. I thought I’d finally bleached it one too many times and it’d turned to gum, like in those horror stories you see online. I thought I’d be writing a blog post called WHY I’LL NEVER BLEACH MY HAIR AGAIN.

Upon closer inspection, I realised that there was actually nothing wrong with my hair. It was actually in better condition than it had been before using the Plex Bleach Kit. I couldn’t believe it. I still didn’t believe it, until I’d dried it, straightened it and checked with my housemate that I wasn’t hallucinating. My hair was genuinely in better shape after bleaching it than it had been before. No, I’m not kidding, and no, Bleach London are not paying me to say that. It’s just true. It’s been months, and my mind is still blown by it. I’d recommend it to just about anybody, which is why I had to write this review.

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More about Bleach London’s Plex Bleach Kit

Okay, let’s go back to the beginning. I had to order the Plex Bleach Kit online because it was right at the start of lockdown, but I have since seen it in for sale in Boots. Bleach London seem to have re-jigged their website since, and have moved to pushing ‘bundles’ of products rather than individual pieces. I haven’t worked it out exactly, but you do make a decent saving over buying individual products. I also like this idea because it’s super easy to figure out which Bleach London products are designed to compliment each other.

On the surface, the Bleach London Plex Bleach Kit doesn’t differ from any other bleach kit I’ve tried. It came with a developer lotion and two sachets of powder which turn blue when you mix them together. It applied just like any other bleach, too. Because my hair is so dark, I always ombre the top of my hair to avoid growing out block roots and so I can’t vouch for how it feels on your scalp. There are, however, several reviews on the Bleach London website stating that they didn’t get any stinging or soreness on their scalp with the Plex Bleach Kit (which you quite often do get with regular bleach).

After you use the Plex Bleach, which has their magical Plex formula built in, you use a sachet of Alex-Plex, their post-bleach bonding solution. (Last time I was on their website Alex-Plex was also available as a standalone treatment, but when researching for this review I found it wasn’t for sale anymore.)

Bleach London and Sustainability

This kit comes with a pair of disposable gloves (which they have to supply for health and safety reasons), but they don’t provide a mixing bowl, brush, or any other single-use tools to reduce their plastic waste. If you go for one of the bundles I mentioned above, they come with a Eco-conut Tool Kit (or you can buy one separately for £4.50). The coconut shell bowl is 100% coconut, but the application brush is still made of plastic. The main point of this is that they are reusable and you don’t throw plastic utensils away with every treatment. This is a great addition to their already sustainable ethos.

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