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Bleach London Hair Elixir Review

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Bleach London Vegan Haircare

If you saw the title of this post and thought: Bleach London, again?! You’d be right. This is my second review of a Bleach London product in the last year. They are one of my go-to brands for vegan and cruelty free haircare, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! This Bleach London Hair Elixir has SAVED my hair after bleaching and colouring, so I wanted to tell you all about it. You can find my review of Bleach London’s Plex Bleach Kit here, a product I have repurchased several times since I wrote that review. (To do my roots, I mean, I’m not just bleaching my hair over and over…)

Bleach London tick all of my boxes. Their haircare is cruelty free, vegan, and low-waste. They package almost all of their products in recycled and recyclable packaging, and they even have refill stations available at their London salons.

If you’re new to Bleach London, it’s good-to-know that their cruelty free and vegan haircare range focuses specifically on bleaching (obviously) and colouring. They sell shampoo and conditioner, but specifically for bleached or coloured hair. They sell tools, but specifically for colouring your hair.

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Bleach London’s Hair Elixir Review

I used to bleach my hair every summer in order to pile a multitude of colours on top, but this year I have gone full-on blonde for the first time. (I finally got the technique down after many lazy afternoons of Brad Mondo videos…). As I mentioned before, I use Bleach London’s Plex Bleach Kit, which contains a bond builder, to lighten my hair. I have to be honest, I don’t find Bleach London’s cult colours to be very strong or long-lasting (although that works for me because I’m pretty fickle).

Even after using a bleach with bond builder in it and a nourishing mask after bleaching, it is always quite dry for a few weeks. That’s where Bleach London Hair Elixir comes in.

Bleach London’s Hair Elixir comes in a small glass bottle of just 50ml, which looks like it’ll run out in about a week. It doesn’t – even when I’m lathering my hair in this stuff (which I do right after it’s been bleached!) one bottle will last me a fair few weeks. When I’m using it to maintain softness, one bottle will last me months.

The consistency of the Hair Elixir is incredibly oily, but it absorbs into your hair quickly. I’d be careful putting this close to my roots, but other than that you can use it liberally on wet hair without worrying about it coming out greasy. I often apply this to my hair once when it’s wet, and then again when it’s dry, but you do have to use it more sparingly on dry hair.

Right after bleaching, I can put so much on that my ends look greasy, but in half an hour all of the gorgeous-smelling, avocado-oil goodness has completely absorbed. I definitely massively attribute the health of my hair to this product.

Bleach London’s Hair Elixir also smells amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever used a better smelling hair product, and together with my Lee Stafford Heat Protection spray, I finish doing my hair smelling like I’ve just come from the salon.

I have gone through several bottles of this now, and I still love it as much as I did the first time I tried it. I also love that a little goes such a long way, which makes it perfect for travelling.

Have you tried Bleach London’s Hair Elixir? What did you think?

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