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The Best Vegan Foundations for 2020

Vegan foundation took me quite a while to crack – for ages I just stuck to one, because I wasn’t sure of my options and didn’t have the money to take a chance on a new one. Thankfully, due to some long-awaited trial and error and a couple of great recommendations, I think I’ve finally cracked it! These are my three favourite vegan foundations of all time – and I always make sure I have them in my makeup bag.

bareMinerals Original Foundation SPF15

Bare Minerals Original Foundation

This is the foundation I’m currently using on a daily basis for work (I don’t tend to wear it on non-work days). I absolutely adore it – it’s a dream to apply and literally takes about thirty seconds. It hardly even needs blending it goes on so smoothly. Although they recommend their bareMinerals Beautiful Finish Brush, I’ve always used a Real Techniques buffing brush and that works perfectly for me.

In terms of foundation coverage, this is really versatile as it’s really buildable. One thin layer can provide a really natural look, but you can also build it up to provide full-coverage.

It’s great for your skin containing no-nasties and it definitely doesn’t dehydrate my face like a lot of foundations do. The SPF factor is also great for the summer. It is quite expensive at £28 a pot, but it lasts for such a long time that it’s a great investment.

Great for: Fuss-free application

Don’t try if: You’re looking for a bargain!

Gosh #FoundationDrops

Gosh Copenhagen Foundation Drops

This foundation was my holy grail for the longest time – in fact, I think it was my first ever vegan foundation. This is super, super lightweight; even right after you’ve put it on it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. Saying that, it still provides a good medium-level of coverage whether my skin is oily or dry, but it’s not really buildable.

I use a B. Cosmetics “Duo Fibre” brush – I went looking for a link for this post and it looks like it’s been discontinued! This is devastating news because it’s an absolutely gorgeous brush. I think the key is to find something really soft – although this needs a little more blending than the bareMinerals foundation, it doesn’t need much.

Something I’ve found really disappointing for a long time is the range of colours available for this foundation. There are only six shades available and they’re all quite similar. The 002 Ivory is perfect for me (I’m pretty pastey) but it is a shame to see them excluding such a large portion of the market!

This also looks fantastic, almost porcelain, on top of their Primer Plus – I have the ‘Illuminating’ one but they all come with great reviews. This is also a little more affordable at £12.99.

Great for: Combination Skin

Don’t try if: You’re looking for full-coverage

Lush Slap Stick Foundation

Lush Slap Stick Foundation

This foundation is a first from Lush and, in keeping with their ethos, is plastic-free! It comes as a bar in a cardboard box with one end dipped in wax. I bagged one of these as soon as they were released, and was really impressed. I love that it’s eco-friendly, and the range of shades is really impressive.

This foundation is an online exclusive and can’t be bought in-store, which I found really strange because you can’t try out a shade before you buy it. They have extensive guides on how to find your perfect shade, but I still winced when I clicked “place order” to spend £17 on something that might not match my skin tone. Thankfully, it did, and I got a lot of wear out of it before I switched to the bareMinerals Original.

It is a great full-coverage foundation, but I don’t think it lasts as long as some and definitely melts off in the sweltering heat. It is also quite oily, and I found that it didn’t sit quite as well on top of blemishes. I used the Real Techniques buffing brush I mentioned above to blend this in.

Great for: being eco friendly!

Don’t try if: You have an oily complexion

So there we have it! Three must-have vegan and cruelty-free foundations. Have you tried any of them? Let me know!

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