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Beautonomy Eyeshadow Palette Review

Beautonomy Refillable Vegan Eyeshadow Palette

Beautonomy Refillable Eyeshadow Palettes

Beautonomy is a new, UK-based cruelty free makeup brand. Their main focus is on cruelty free refillable makeup palettes, and they have a great range of vegan eyeshadow choices. To my knowledge, they are by far the most affordable refillable eyeshadow palette on the UK market (although there aren’t many). Think 2015 Colour Pop, without the price tag.

You can head over to the Beautonomy website right now and get 15% off any order using our code: KIRSTY15. (Yes, that’s my name).

(^ That’s a slight spoiler. I obviously wouldn’t recommend or offer a discount code for a brand that I didn’t like, so you can tell how this review is going to go. I don’t often write about products I didn’t like anyway… I feel like that’s unfair, because someone else might love it!).

Beautonomy is currently shipping to the UK and the US. Unfortunately, due to the constraints of Brexit (!), they are currently unable to ship to the rest of Europe.

Anyway, enough with the preamble. Read on to find out what I love so much about Beautonomy’s cruelty free and (mostly) vegan customisable and refillable eyeshadow palettes.

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Beautonomy Refillable Vegan Eyeshadow Pans

Beautonomy Refillable Eyeshadow Palette Review

This post is really in-keeping with my recently-revived Zero Waste Series. As you might expect, I’ve been sifting through my makeup, haircare and skincare collection, pairing down my waste and documenting the process. The most difficult part of this by far for me has been makeup. I have tried a few different refillable eyeshadow palettes in my time, but none of them have quite hit the spot.

I feel like it’s okay now to mention the awful refillable palette I tried from The Body Shop, because it’s been discontinued now. (Seriously, it was bad.)

There seemed to be some sort of huge gap in the market between high-quality makeup and low-waste packaging. It just wasn’t a thing. Add to that that I was looking for cruelty free and vegan makeup too and my quest seemed hopeless. This gap in the market was one that Beautonomy was destined to fill.

Beautonomy Refillable Vegan Eyeshadow Pans in Palette

I mentioned that I’d love to try Beautonomy’s refillable palettes in my recent post about zero-waste eyeshadow options, and their generous team sent me a free palette to try and test for you all! I took a whole bunch of pictures to make sure you can get an idea of how it is put together. One thing I was a little disappointed with was the plastic window in the packaging of the refill pans. Although plastic waste is massively decreased with Beautonomy’s refillable palettes, they are not completely plastic free.

I tried to choose a variety of colours and textures to give as detailed a review as possible (whilst still sticking to my two main colour themes!). You can choose from the following eyeshadow textures: metallic, satin, chrome, glitter, matte and shimmer.

Here are the shades I chose:

Lightning (plain silver with a glitter finish)
Rain (teal blue with a metallic finish)
Frosted mint (mint green with a shimmer finish)
Eclipse (plain matte black)

Boujie (pale gold with a duo chrome finish)
Aycaramba! (an orange/bronze shade with a shimmer finish)
Pomelo (a warm red/orange with a satin finish)
DonJulio (a deep rusted orange with a matte finish)

I have swatched all of these shades onto my fingertips below so you can see how gorgeously pigmented they are. I am amazed at how good quality these eyeshadows are, especially for the low price point. I was particularly impressed with Eclipse, the jet black shade, which was so dark and pigmented I was able to line my eyes with a good amount on a thin brush.

Beautonomy Refillable Vegan Eyeshadow Swatches

I tested this palette by doing one eye in the blue shades and the other eye in orange, which is why there are no pictures of them on my actual eyes. (I am also no makeup artist, so I’m not sure I could do these products justice.)

The consistency was amazingly creamy for a vegan formula (the difficulty is in finding something to replace lanolin, a non-vegan ingredient derived from sheeps wool). All of the colours blend beautifully, and stayed put on top of a strong primer.

When I first discovered Beautonomy, they did have a small selection of face powders and highlighters that fitted into their larger, free-form magnetic palettes. Unfortunately, they were cruelty free but not vegan. It looks like they’re no longer available to purchase, but I’d love to see them re-released with vegan formulas!

I found the Beautonomy Customerizer, the online tool you use to create your custom palette, quite clunky and difficult to use. I mentioned this to the extremely helpful team at Beautonomy, who reassured me that they’re in the process of having a new customiser built. (It’s not impossible to use by any means, just a little fiddly).

All in all, I would absolutely recommend Beautonomy’s cruelty free customisable eyeshadow palettes. I’m so impressed with the range of vegan products they have available (although, make sure you check before you buy, because some of their shades aren’t vegan or vegetarian!). I’d also love to see Beautonomy’s range expanded to include more vegan and vegetarian beauty products in the future.

If you’d like to try one, don’t forget to use my code KIRSTY15 to get 15% off any order.

Have you tried Beautonomy’s custom refillable palettes? What did you think?

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