The Best Online Bargains This January for Ethical Consumers

The Best Online Bargains This January for Ethical Consumers

The BEST Online Shopping Deals for Ethical Consumers This January

If Christmas hit you hard, the January sales are the place to be. There are SO many smaller, ethical online stores offering great deals this month, I just couldn’t not share them with you…

Content Beauty

Content Beauty is an online store I discovered recently, and I am genuinely a bit gutted that I hadn’t come across it before. They offer a huge, huge range of beauty products including makeup, skincare, haircare and perfume, and they even stock a big range of reusable products.

They have a tonne of sustainable living products to browse, and you can even search for them by material or recycle-ability! I’ve never seen a shop categorise products like this but it honestly thrills me. They’re currently offering 10% off everything in January with the code VEGAN10, they have free worldwide shipping AND you can choose up to three free samples when you spend over £20!

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Planet Warrior

Planet Warrior sell yoga clothes and equipment made out of recycled plastic, and their packaging is made from 99% recycled materials. They’re currently offering 20% off everything with the code JAN20.

Ethical Superstore

Upsettingly, I only found this deal when I was doing research for this blog post and it ENDS TOMORROW! I still had to include it because I love this online shop, but it is a shame it’s not on for the rest of the month; they’re offering 20% off all vegan cleaning products.

If you’re reading this post late, fear not; they have a ‘special offers’ tab on the lefthand side of the page which makes it super easy to shop the bargains, even when they don’t have a sale on. You can get free shipping on orders over £50, which seems like a lot until you realise you could do your entire weekly shop on there!

Natural Collection

Not to be confused with the makeup line by boots, Natural Collection is the online version of a Tesco Extra. From groceries to kids’ toys to gardening, they sell pretty much everything and it’s ALL ethically sourced and eco-friendly.

All of the clothes come with a description of where the materials were sourced, the cleaning products are toxin-free and the toys are made from recycled plastic. How cool is that?!

Their current sale boasts up to 50% off selected items, and you can get £5 off when you spend £45 or more with the code X5JAN, which is the equivalent of an extra 10%!

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The Body Shop

The Body Shop is currently having a humungous sale, with discounts of up to 50%. Anything (and everything) that’s not on sale will still give you 20% off with the code “14674”, AND they’re offering free shipping on orders over £20. They also have a great, up to date vegan beauty guide for Veganuary!

Planet Organic

Yet another ethical online supermarket (I’m loving the variety these days!). One of my favourite things about Planet Organic is that they have a simple colour-coded system that tell you which things are dairy-free, gluten-free, organic, etc, and you can use checkboxes to filter their offerings to suit your dietary requirements.

They currently have 717 items reduced in their sale, including lots of yummy-looking chocolate and snacks!

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