Avon’s Cruelty Free & Vegan Status

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Avon is a fairly unique brand in their business model. You can only buy Avon makeup and beauty products directly through their website or, more commonly, through one of their representatives. I have my own opinions on these types of Multilevel Marketing strategy businesses, but that’s for another blog!

What I really wanted to know was whether or not Avon is a cruelty free or vegan brand.

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Is Avon a Cruelty Free Brand?

Unfortunately, Avon is NOT a cruelty free brand. They are also deceptive on their website, where they claim to be “the first global beauty company selling in China to stop all animal testing of ingredients and across all its brands”.

Huh. I feel like I’ve heard that somewhere before?

Avon are deliberately deceptive about their animal testing policies. Although this statement on their website makes them appear cruelty free, the key is in the word ‘ingredients’. Although their raw ingredients may not be tested on animals anywhere in the world, it doesn’t mean their formulas or finished products are not tested on animals.

Furthermore, they state on their website that they’re working with Peta, Humane Society International and other major regulators. This is particularly misleading, because although they’re working with these companies, it again does not make Avon a cruelty free brand.

Peta has the most relaxed rules on certifying a brand as cruelty free, and Avon doesn’t even have their approval. Peta acknowledges that Avon still tests on animals, stating:

This company is working toward regulatory changes to reduce the number of animals used for testing.

Brands that pretend to be cruelty free when they secretly test on animals annoy me MORE than other animal testing brands. It’s a big fat no from me!

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Are Avon Products Vegan?

Although Avon claims that some of their brands are vegan, that’s clearly not true. No brands, lines or individual products can be vegan if they were tested on animals.

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Are Avon a Sustainable Brand?

Avon have the standard “we want to make all of our packaging recyclable by 2030” nonsense on their website. There’s no reason that all of their packaging can’t be both recyclable and, more importantly, RECYCLED, right now. There’s no point in making recyclable packaging if nobody is going to use the recycled product! Okay, I’ve said ‘recycled’ too much. You get the idea. We don’t like Avon.

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