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Are All Tigers a Cruelty Free Brand? 2021 Update

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All Tigers is a cruelty free and vegan Parisian-based makeup brand. They were founded by Alexis Robillard, who was looking for the perfect, stylish and eco-friendly lipstick for his daughter. The All Tigers brand was built with their future customer base in mind. They set up on Instagram, asking for their followers approval on formulas, design and lipstick colours. Since then, All Tigers have branched out into cruelty free and vegan nail products and eyeliner.

Although All Tigers products aren’t the cheapest, they have definitely achieved their goal of becoming a stylish and eco-friendly makeup line.

“The perfect lipstick is made with fiercely natural or organic ingredients, vegan and cruelty-free formula, combined with the expertise of makeup pros and the recommendations of a whole Instagram community.”

Are All Tigers Cruelty Free?

Yes, All Tigers are a cruelty free brand. Although it’s unclear if they have any official cruelty free certifications, they have a strong cruelty free statement on their website. They confirm that they conform to European anti-animal testing regulations.

To be sure that All Tigers are cruelty free, their cruelty free statement also clarifies that they don’t sell in markets where animal testing is required by law:

“Some countries outside Europe may require foreign brands to test animals: if that were to happen, we would not market our products in those countries.”

Are All Tigers Cosmetics Vegan?

Yes, All Tigers products are cruelty free and vegan. Because they aren’t certified, you can always check each products ingredients, but they clearly state on their website that all of their products are totally vegan friendly. 

Are All Tigers a Sustainable Brand?

All Tigers products contain a high percentage of sustainable ingredients. As mentioned above, all of their products are vegan. For each of their products, it is stated what percentage of ingredients are of natural origin and organic, which are up to 100% and up to 68% respectively. On their FAQs page, they are transparent about their struggles in avoiding palm oil, stating that the final presence of palm oil in their products is just 0.01%.

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