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Adjusting Your Beauty Routine to Life on Lockdown


Please note: This blog post was written before the UK Government announced the lockdown and declared a state of national emergency. It contains my lighthearted thoughts on DIY beauty routines and nothing more – please always put your own safety and others’ first!

Keeping your beauty routine on-point might not be your first thought when you hear ‘global pandemic‘, but it’s on my list for sure.

After a week of figuring out how to work from home, cancelling one of our theatre productions (devastated) and setting up FaceTime with my family and friends, I finally stopped for a moment.

I looked in the mirror and thought ‘I need to get my brows done‘, and then checked myself. Literally nobody is going to want to get up-close-and-personal with my face for the foreseeable, so I started weighing up my options.

Emergency Brows!

I usually have my brows threaded and dyed and my eyelashes dyed all at once. A monthly trip to the Superdrug Beauty Studio did me just fine, but they have now (very sensibly) closed.

Instead, on a trip to Boots I went in search of Eylure‘s kits to DIY my dye. I managed to pick up their ‘Dybrow’ in brown (although stocks were running low) but their Dylash kits were totally sold out.

Without wanting to be dramatic, I feel like I must stress that if you’re in the UK, you should only be leaving your house for essential items, to work or to exercise. Eyebrow dye is obviously not an essential, but I don’t see the harm in throwing it into your basket if you’re already shopping for food or medicine.

I was picking up a prescription from Boots when I bought mine, but they’re also sold in larger Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Asda, so they’re easy to find during your regular shop for essential items. If you’re heading somewhere else, you can always give it a quick Google beforehand.

If you’re somewhere else in the world, you should check your government’s advice before you leave the house.

Skincare & Haircare

Thanks to my generous sister I’ve been well stocked on luxurious skincare since Christmas, but I’m starting to run low (what a time!). I’ll be doing some research this week to bring you the latest on cruelty-free skincare and haircare brands in UK supermarkets to help you keep your trips out to a minimum!

If you’re in the high-risk group and unable to leave the house, I’ll also be writing a post soon about DIY beauty and self-care regimes you can do with ingredients from your kitchen cupboards.

Staying Busy

Like most people, before the virus hit I lived a very busy lifestyle and I’m finding myself with not much to do of an evening. It’s weird. As well as arranging FaceTime and Skype dates with friends and family, my housemates and I are planning on gardening the hell out of our garden this spring.

On my trip to Boots I bought some Bleach London Plex Bleach and Smoky Rosé Super Cool Colour, so that’ll keep me busy for an evening!

I also splashed out on some Olaplex 3 a couple of weeks ago in preparation for the deadly bleach – and highly recommend it. I’ve bleached my hair many, many times over the years and nothing has made it look healthier than Olaplex.

Learning to make sugar wax can take a while (and isn’t everyones bag), but if ever there was a time to do it, it was now! This may be tricky if you don’t have a kitchen thermometer, but I’ll post my top tips for getting it right every single time over the next couple of weeks. (I’ll let you know how all the DIY dye goes too!)

What do you have planned to keep yourself busy during lockdown?