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About Ethics & Aesthetics

About Ethics & Aesthetics

Welcome to Ethics & Aesthetics, your guide to cruelty free and vegan beauty and lifestyle in the UK. There is plenty of useful information here for people all over the world, but I focus on brands and products that are available to buy in-store and online here in the United Kingdom.

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The world “ethical” means something a little different to everyone, which is why I write in several different categories. My cruelty free brand lists focus on cruelty free brands (…who’d have thought!) but only contain small amounts of information about ingredients. My reviews and recommendations are all vegan and vegetarian, unless stated otherwise. In our new zero-waste series, all products are cruelty free and vegetarian, but some are not vegan. (I always try to make it really, really clear where a product isn’t vegan!).

Full disclosure; I live a mostly vegan lifestyle (nobody’s perfect!). Occasionally I do use products that are just vegetarian, which is why they are sometimes included on Ethics & Aesthetics. I always try to weigh up the pros and cons of using products that aren’t vegan, such as their impact on the environment.

I’ve been writing for a long time, and blogging for almost seven years! Ethics & Aesthetics is three years old. It is my latest and most proud venture, so I really hope you enjoy reading.

I would love to have guest writers here on Ethics & Aesthetics, so get in touch if you’d like to write for us! You can also get in touch with any questions or queries, or even if you just fancy a chat! You can contact me at kirsty@ethics-and-aesthetics.com.

Happy reading! x